Notable NPCs of the Return to Therron campaign.

General DakovyaDECEASED
Human fighter. General Dakovya is thought of as the greatest general the Asevean military has. Under his command, Asevean forces have easily fought back the advance of Chelish troops along the Asevean border with minimal Asevean casualties. Under his command, Asevea recaptured the tactically important border fort of Piren’s Bluff without the death of a single Varisian troop, and with only a handful of Chelish deaths.

Human werebear. Originally shunned and kicked out of the fishing village of Chimera Cove, Targas was welcomed back after he helped the heroes defeat the traitorous Poltur and imprison the deadly Terraken once more. Targas acts as the guardian of Chimera Cove.

Captain Tolgrith
Lord of the Vale and leader of Fort Thorn, Captain Tolgrith is an experienced campaigner with a friendly demeanor. He is a skilled leader, and the people of his community respect him.


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