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Dark days behind, dark days ahead.

Thirty years ago, a group of heroes uncovered the greatest lie in history, bringing about crushing change that fractured the realms of Therron. Now, states that claimed sovereignty are fighting amongst themselves. Cruel and greedy land barons are lining their holdings with towering defenses and proclaiming independence from the ruling house of Therron. Once peaceful lands are now strewn with the remnants of battle, entire towns burnt out or abandoned.

Along the west coast of Therron, the Chelish Empire fights a civil war with Varisia, a small sovereignty that splintered off of Cheliax some years earlier. Among the Asevean militia are a group of individuals whose abilities places them above the rest.

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A Timeline: A collection of important happenings since the Great Lie was exposed.
The Heroes: The heroes of Return to Therron and some short descriptions and backgrounds.
Notable NPCs: A list of notable NPCs encountered so far in the campaign.
Listable Locations: A collection of key locations the heroes have visited.
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