• Aureon von Swünze

    Aureon von Swünze

    Half-elven Bard
  • Captain Tolgrith

    Captain Tolgrith

    Lord of the Vale and leader of Fort Thorn.
  • Codric


    Cleric of Cayden Cailean
  • Dax


    Halfling Ranger
  • Durno


    An "exceptionally average", dirty peasant, Durno struggled with his mediocrity for most of his life until he learned to make pacts with vestiges - to turn into someone skilled in ways that he could never be.
  • General Dakovya

    General Dakovya

    Commanding officer of the Asevean Army at the Chelish front.
  • Neladrin Uthuriel

    Neladrin Uthuriel

    Elven Conjurer
  • Oakbrow


    Humble servent of the vale
  • Targas


    5th level human werebear
  • Whizzbang Tiddlewink

    Whizzbang Tiddlewink

    Gnome Inquisitor