Return to Therron

Wraithing Againtht Time

Okay, yeah. That was terrible.

Dax, Aureon and Neladrin faced off with four wraiths on the shores of Misty Lake. Being incorporeal and having undead traits, there was some concern about the battle, but it was unfounded. Between Neladrin and Aureon, they summoned three lantern archons to aid in the battle, and that turned the tides considerably. Only Dax suffered from the icy touch of the wraiths before the battle ended, draining his constitution and freezing his blood. However, before long the wraiths were nothing but smoke on the wind and a strange figure appeared, saluting the heroes, and leaving behind a flame tongue longsword. In the ancient battlefield they also found a gleaming steel shield.

Upon returning to Fort Thorn, the group was healed by the local priest and they were summoned by Captain Torlgrith to see a note that had been delivered (via a mangy wolf), requesting that representatives of the fort go and meet with “Oakbrow, humble servent of the vale.” With Neladrin muttering about druids, the group went off in search of Oakbrow.

It turned out that Oakbrow was indeed a druid, and concerned with the development of the road through the vale. He wanted assurances that there would be no major industry moving in, cutting down trees and mining the ores. If he could strike a deal with the good Captain, Oakbrow promised to be a friend of the fort and offer his assistance in any way he could. Returning to Oakbrow the next day with the captain in tow, the deal was struck and Oakbrow gave the group important information on the location of important resources, as well as a couple of areas of danger, where there was the existence of a lizardman village and a thriving hobgoblin camp.

Additionally, the group also sussed out the location of a copse of Black Ash trees, the sap from which is highly sought after for scribing arcane and devine scrolls. The also came across a rich vein of gold for which they have been told will fetch them a hefty 5,500 gp finder’s fee.

It is now nearly two weeks into the month, with only two weeks left before the road must be finished!



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