Return to Therron


Our heroes... assassins?

The discussion with Polastur complete and the party filled in on the events leading to Poltur’s imprisonment of the villagers and flight to the islands, the group continued through the subterranean complex to find Poltur in the “Fluxhold” where he was attempting to find the amulet which would control the deadly Terraken.

The corridor they had to take led into a mostly-flooded chamber. In the waters, they spied the languishing form of an undead woman dressed in robes. She rose from the water, her skin grey and wrinkled, marked with barnacles, seaweed and tiny mussels. She introduced herself as Vintresk, the “pilot” of the Terraken, and demanded to know what the group was doing there. When Neladrin explained they were there to ensure the continued sleep of the Terraken, Vintresk announced that their goals were at odds, and she attacked. The creature flung lightning bolts at the adventurers, but was overall unable to deal out much damage as she was grappled by a small octopus that Neladrin summoned, while the rest of the party carved her to pieces.

Looting the undead’s corpse, the group continued along a long chamber towards a brilliant light. The light source, they found, was a massive water droplet suspended in a chamber where Poltur hurriedly used a scrying pool to search for what could only be the amulet, while at the same time trying to keep an eye on the group of adventurers. Dax and Whizbang snuck to the edge of the chamber while the rest of the group waited, and they readied their bows. Their shots struck fair and true, dealing a massive amount of damage to their enemy before the fight even truly began. Poltur backed away, firing off a shot with his own crossbow as Targas charged forth with his axe – and toppled sideways into one of the many pools of water in this room. Dax and Whizbang were able to plung more projectiles into Poltur before he could do much of anything. When he finally had a chance to act, he called out to “Shaquire” that it was free from it’s binding if it would aid him in battle. A water elemental suddenly burst forth from the suspended water droplet and attacked.

Poltur swigged back a potion and advanced on Dax, but not before taking a cut from Durnok’s whirling spear. The water elemental advanced on the closest opponent, Durnok, and slammed him with a crashing of water so fierce it felt like a solid wall. The narrow walkways of the Fluxhold grew slippery. Targas finally hauled his bulk from one of the shallow pools and hacked at the elemental with his battle axe, slicing clean into the outsider but looking to do next to no damage.

Whizbang’s crossbow, powered by a supernatural judgement of Bane on Poltur, missed it’s mark, as did Durnok’s spear. Poltur drew forth a keen rapier and jabbed it at Durnok but missed. A moment later, an alligator burst forth from the pool behind Poltur and dragged the man down by his velvet cape. Seconds later, the water frothed with blood and the traitorous rogue died. With that, the elemental flowed into another chamber and into the darkness – his master dead and freed from his binding, the creature was quick to take advantage.

The scrying pool showed the scene of a dry oubliette somewhere in the complex, at the bottom of it the half-rotted remains of a huge creature. As the elemental fled, the creature’s control over the water in the complex dissipated, and water began to fill the oubliette. There wouldn’t be much time before the Terraken was free once more.

Searching Poltur’s remains was a quick task, and the group found their way to the edge of the oubliette. It would be a short time before the undead dragon turtle at the bottom of the pit could float up and out, eventually finding it’s way to the open sea where it could terrorize and destroy at will – unless the adventurers found the amulet.

Dax and Neladrin summoned sea creatures to search the bottom of the oubliette, and one of Neladrin’s creatures found the amulet, and returned it to the surface where a summoned eagle took the amulet from the octopus’s grasp and returned it to Neladrin. The group fled the island quickly, stopping briefly at the Silver Reign where Neladrin examined the device long enough to learn how to tell the undead Terraken to “wait”, but for an indeterminate amount of time.

The group returned to the village of Chimera Cove as heroes, though the celebrations were short lived when the villagers learned that the terraken was awake and waiting underneath the islands. At any time it could burst forth and lay waste to whatever it found. The village elders explained that while nobody there actually knew how to use the amulet to control the terraken, they believed that Poltur had stolen documents collected by a scholar named Thandros in Korvosa to learn how to control the beast. If the group found Thandros, perhaps they too could go over his documents to learn the amulet’s commands.

The next day, the group caught a ride back to Korvosa with Captain Ironstone on the Adamant. Upon arrival in Korvosa, Neladrin, Durnok and Whizbang immediately went in search for Thandros while Dax and Aureon waited at the Rusty Spitoon.

While the one group went in search of the scholar, Dax and Aureon were laid under arrest by the Andoran militia in Korvosa… for the assassination of General Dakovya.

Thandros was found in his offices at the Korvosan University, and was shocked when Neladrin laid the amulet out before him – as far as Thandros knew, the terraken and the amulet were only legends, and not real. He poured over scrolls and tomes for a while before asking for 24 hours to find out how to use the amulet.

When Neladrin, Durnok and Whizbang returned to the Rusty Spitoon, they, too were arrested.




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