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Escape from Walcourt

What is going on beneath the ancient estate?

After their arrest, the group found themselves imprisoned in Walcourt Estate, and ancient Korvosan manor now being used by the military. The top floors house barracks and offices, while underneath is a secure location for holding military prisoners. In the caverns beneath Walcourt, a small lake offers extra security against escaping prisoners, as the only way in or out is by crossing the frigid subterranean waters.

Held in separate cells, the group were stripped of their belongings and most of their garments. Fed regularly and treated rather well by the guards, they never-the-less plotted their escape. However, the captain had brought in a small stone object that seemed to neutralize any magical skills the group had, severely limiting their ability to get through the locked cell doors. The stone was left sitting on a ledge behind a small pot of glowing coals that offered dimsal light to the cells.

By removing their pants, the gnome Whizzbang tied them together into a makeshift whip. After a few attempts, he managed to knock the odd stone off of the ledge (as well as the pot of coals) and drag it to his cell. Tossing it far down to the other end of the cell block, Dax stuffed the stone into the far corner of his cell. At that point, the magic-using members of the group felt their abilities return.

Using a spell to open his cell door, Neladrin Uthuriel explored the room beyond the corridor where they were being held, and found an unconscious guard, keys for the cell doors still on his belt. Returning with the keys, Neladrin let the others out. Armed with only the sword from the unconscious guard, the group began looking for a way out.

The area seemed relatively deserted, though they did find more sleeping guards which allowed the heroes to outfit themselves somewhat with borrowed weapons and ill-fitting armour. Exploration of the chambers brought them to the underground cavern, but the decision was to see if there was an alternative way out of the caverns and also to see if their equipment could be found.

Further investigation (and some altercations with Asevean guards) allowed the group to find an oddly large well in one chamber. Easily 10 feet across, a large iron ring was fastened into the ceiling above with a thick rope running through it and down into the well. Dax investigated first, finding the remainder of the rope coiled at the bottom, and a tunnel leading off to a small chamber to the south. The rest followed, and they were able to climb another well at the south end of the tunnel to find themselves in an empty storage room. A single door led to the south, and they investigated.

On the other side of the door, they found two guards and what looked to be a magic-user of some kind working a spell over a table covered in many of the group’s belongings. The ensuing fight nearly brought about the end of our band of heroes, but eventually the guards and the wizard fell.

Their equipment reclaimed, a secret passage was discovered in the back of this chamber that allowed access into the Korvosan sewers.



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