Return to Therron

Beware the Hootgrowl!

...or, Something Stinks Like Wet Feathers and Fur

After a night of rest at the Fort, the decision was for Dax, Neladrin and Aureon to investigate the owlbear tribe while Whizzbang and Durnok would head out on the lookout for the rare natural resources required by Fort Thorn. The owlbears were said to be seen mostly in a forested area about seven miles south of Fort Thorn, so the three owlbear hunters struck out, following the river south for several miles before beginning to make their way inland. They were nearly to their destination when a large bear stepped out onto the wildlife trail they were following and reared up on it’s hind legs, clearly aggressive. It took Dax all of about three and a half seconds to cast a spell to charm the animal, and lo and behold they now had a bear companion to travel with them. Surely a boon.

About an hour or so later, they came across a clearing at the base of a stony hill. A dark cave entrance could be seen at the base of the hill, with large animal droppings, bits of matted fur and brown feathers scattered about at the entrance. The group approached slowly, Dax and the bear taking the lead. Inside the cave entrance, the bear spotted one of the owlbears they were hunting, and the two attacked each other. Dax remained behind his furry companion, while Neladrin stood just inside the cave entrance. Aureon remained further back, still, singing a song of courage to help his compatriots in the battle. The owlbear charged, slashing at the bear, who returned the favour. Frost arrows flew from Dax’s bow and soon Neladrin summoned two celestially-enhanced leopards to join the fight. More owlbears appeared, but with the combined might of Dax (himself enhanced by a Haste spell from Neladrin), the bear and two celestial leopards, the fight was over in less than a minute.

Upon investigating the cave, the group found three owlbear cubchicks which Neladrin knew could fetch a fair amount of gold on the open market. A stagnant pool in the main cave contained the remains of a scout that was unfortunate enough to fall victim to the owlbears, and while they recovered the body to return it to Fort Thorn, they found on it a few interesting baubles, including a masterwork longsword, a magical potion and a rare Cloak of Elvenkind.

Staying the night in the cave, the group returned to Fort Thorn the next day, flush with victory.



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