Something’s Rotten in the State of Cheliax

Thirty years ago, Slaine Gashenbled along with Thane Grazak Ironstone defeated the demon lord Rakhis and provided evidence that the High Crusader and High Priest had long been corrupted by the Cults of the Endless Court, that the One God Tal had been imprisoned, and that The God Who Shall Not Be Named had been influencing the ruling parties of Therron for hundreds of years. The High Priest was killed in the ensuing melee, and High Crusader tried and hanged.

The resulting political and religious vacuum fractured the land of Therron, creating dozens of small sovereign states who felt that the Therron goverment could no longer do the jon they were supposed to do.

On the west coast of Therron, the sovereign state of Cheliax sprung into being, ruled by the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune, the family responsible for payrolling the assassin’s guild known as the Emerald Blade. Ten years passed before Cheliax itself shattered, and the state of Asevea split off, it’s people unwilling to put up with the fact that their governing families openly worshipped the dark god Asmodeus.

Thus began a civil war between Cheliax and Asevea.

Several members of the Asevean army stand out from the rest, and their actions are noted by their commanding officers. For this reason, they are chosen for specialized missions that will help Asevea and push back Chelish invaders.

Return to Therron

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